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Easy pathfinding in your libgdx game

My first A* visualizer

I v0.2.4 of my java pathfinding library has been uploaded, which now features a libgdx-bridge (which can be still much improved, but can already save you lots of typing) and ThetaStarFinding for smoother paths! That means that the library contains 3 different path finding algorithms: A*, Jump Point…

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You are not that good, keep learning

Tools make it easier

While talking to some people that has been programming for quite some years now, I have seen that after about ~4 years of experience, a lot of people think that they should already be considered top notch programmers, they don't want to learn (nor think they need) the new technologies…

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Software development - It's all about communication

Lately, I have been doing some freelance work creating some website. The project however, has been advancing pretty slow, for no apparent reason. So I have been thinking about it. Why on earth are we taking so long for such a simple site? Even more, why does pretty much ANY…

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