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A procedurally generated city (2d)-Part 1 : The nodes

I haven't really seen many examples on how to create a 2d procedurally generated city, most of the tutorials out there for procedural maps are focused to dungeons / caves. I wanted to create a 2d top down city (not like...full of detail, but something that could pass for a…

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Libgdx, Artemis-ODB and Lua

I have been playing around with an idea of a card-based rpg battle game. With the objective to be able to quickly modify the behavior of a unit during combat without having to create a new class I decided to script the effects using Lua (this should even allow to…

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Glib, attemping to improve Libgdx's html5 gamedev

I do like using libgdx for my hobby gamedev, also, I like dart because of how comfortable it is to code using it. The only flaw libgdx has is when you want to go for web games. This is by no means because of libgdx itself, but becase of fricking…

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Easy pathfinding in your libgdx game

My first A* visualizer

I v0.2.4 of my java pathfinding library has been uploaded, which now features a libgdx-bridge (which can be still much improved, but can already save you lots of typing) and ThetaStarFinding for smoother paths! That means that the library contains 3 different path finding algorithms: A*, Jump Point…

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Libgdx - Scene2dui and entity component systems

I am a big fan of computer graphics programming (or any kind of visuals really), including videogames. In 2010, I came across a post by Mario Zechner(@badlogicgames), creator of the libgdx library/framework. I am unable to find it, but i do remember it being an opengles tutorial for…

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